Saturday, October 3, 2015

A.D. Weiss was here

This is the spot where A.D. Weiss Lithograph Company used to be, at 2025 McKinley Street in Hollywood. Rob started his printing career at A.D. Weiss in 1966 when he was 20 years old. He worked there until November 1978 when we moved to Kent, Washington. Over time, A.D. Weiss sold to St. Ives, which in turn sold to Angstom Graphics. In 2011, Angstom Graphics went out of business. The building stood empty for years. We never expected to see it torn down and replaced with a new charter school, but that's what happened. The charter school opened this year. Here's Robert standing on the spot where he went to work so many, many times.

That's the new charter school in the background. It's called Avant Garde Academy.

Here's what the entrance to A.D. Weiss used to look like.  The other two companies Rob worked for during his printing career - Craftsman Press in Seattle and Northwest Web in Eugene - are also gone.


Susanna Powers said...

It's always good when they make something useful on a spot rather than keeping an abandoned building. The printing business must have gone through all the changes toward e-only reading... In libraries, only a very small percentage of the journals even still create a print version anymore. People still like a certain amount of real books, but the bookselling industry has consolidated too & it's very difficult for independent bookstores to hold on. I think that in the future, all books will be rare books. thanks for posting this, nice to feature Robert and all that long hard work. love, sp

Cheezhead Robin said...

I am very familiar with the downfall of print media. I sold advertising for North American Publishing, which prints publications like "Printing Impressions", which Robert might be familiar with it. I was one of the early adaptors of digital media, including online advertising, website sales, social media, video productions & e-mail. So, I have seen many printers that I know that have sadly gone out of business, too. Some have adapted to other businesses, but not all of them.

I like getting my news, etc. online. However, there are some publications that I prefer to read & view while comfortably sitting in a chair, such as travel publications.

Silvana Gale-Driscoll said...

You probably knew my Dad, Larry Gale who was VP of Sales. I loved visiting AD Weiss as a child and seeing Sheldon and Arthur Weiss and families.